Peer Gynt-exhibition

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Peer Gynt-exhibition

The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound has made an exhibition of all LP covers from recordings of the Peer Gynt music of Edvard Grieg which is housed at the institute. The exhibition has travelled the world, and is now finally available on our website again.

In the Ibsen Centennial 2006, the exhibitions was sent on tour to Japan by the during Stavanger Symphony Orchestra's visit to the country. Furthermore it has been shown in Brazil by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; in Curbita and then in Teresopolis and Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro. In the Grieg Centennial 2007, the Norwegian Embassy of Brazil in Brazilia made use of the exhibition throughout the entire year, and it was shown in Brazilia, Rio de Janeiro Niteroi and Sao Paolo.

In Norway, the exhibition has been shown in Stavanger, Bergen, Narvik, og Brønnøysund. In 2007, the exhibition will be shown in Hammerfest, Alta, Tana and Sør-Varanger under the auspices of Finmark regional library, as well as during the Bergen International Festival and Arendal Grieg Festival.

The exhibition consists of 5 banners showing 32 of the covers, some puzzles for the visitors, brochures as well as a powerpoint-presentation containing 146 of the covers, from which the images on this page has been selected.

The Exhibition is compiled by Per Dahl and the project received funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IFPI, the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound and Stavanger Concert Hall.

Featured record

Great Britain (1964)

Vienna festival symphony orchestra / Gianfranco Rivoli

Concert Hall

Browse the records


Spain (1974)
Münchner Symphoniker / Alfred Scholz

France (1959)
Philharmonia orchestra / Anatole Fistoulari

Germany (s.a.)
Orchester der Wiener Volksoper / Hans Leo Gruber

Germany (1957)
Bamberger Symphoniker / Otmar Suitner
Deutsche Grammophon

Italy (1968)
Wiener symphoniker / Georg Singer

France (1955 pre-)
Austrian symphony orchestra / H. Arthur Brown

Great Britain (1979)
Royal Philharmonic / Walter Weller

Australia (s.a.)
Bamberger Symphoniker / Ionel Perlea

Switzerland (1985)
Berliner Philharmoniker / Franz Schreker

Great Britain (1956)
The Hollywood Bowl symphony orchestra / Leonard Slatkin

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