Advent Calendar 2015

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Advent Calendar 2015

Hi! Welcome to this year's Advent Calendar!

Once again, the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound invites to a musical Advent Calendar with samples from the rich collections located in Stavanger. This year again, it is our Argentinian-Danish librarian who has made up the selection!

Whilst you're waiting for the rest of Advent you can listen to Christmas music from our calendars in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 og 2014.

christmas calendar

My name is Patricio and I am the new and cheerful music librarian here at the institute. I was born in beautiful Buenos Aires, called the Paris of South America. I began to study music at the music conservatory there and became very interested in early music, especially French Baroque. I have now lived in Europe for 25 years: first in Geneva, where I studied at the Center for Early Music (Centre de Musique Ancienne) and also worked as a librarian and with reference work to search for music and notes in the world's archives and libraries. The material I obtained was performed by teachers and students. Five years later, I moved to Copenhagen, where I studied librarianship. I have written some academic articles and a bibliography about piano repertoire. I have a very broad taste in music: although early music makes up a large part, I can also listen to jazz, especially the 1950-årenes lounge, Latin jazz, Chinese jazz from the 1920s to the 40s and many other genres. Other than that, I like plants, old things, gathering and reading old folk tales, old books, cooking, sun and nature. I love playing my baroque musical box, which gives a little more life in "The Old Stall" where I live today, which is the oldest house in town. Yes, I'm lucky!

I moved to Stavanger and started working at the Institute this March, and it took me time to get to know the Institute's secrets (and there are still many to discover !!!). I'm one who loves to figure out some forgotten treasures, and see what can I find in secluded corners. These treasures here at the Institute include the old 78-records that I think it may be interesting to listen to. Why? Because they can contain an interesting interpretation of a work because the music has a special story or has had a special meaning for society. It may also be because it's a piece of "curiosa", something comic, or because I simply think it's a beautiful piece of music. I've gathered some of these records to share them with you in dark and cold december days, a time when you can often get a little nostalgic and you want to find something nice and experience something that warms the heart. Here is a small collection of Christmas music from different places in the world, from different times and a little to every taste.

This year we celebrate Gunnar Sandvold's 100th anniversary. He was born here in Stavanger on August 28, 1915, he was a carpenter but was also excelled as a singer in Milan. That the Dørumsgaard collection came to Stavanger and the Norwegian Sound Institute was created here, among other things, thanks to Sandvold's interest in music and his great commitment to Stavanger's music life.

I hope that You will appreciate the music selections. Merry Christmas !!!!!

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