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School events - Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound

School events

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Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound


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School events

These events are held in Norwegian.

Per Dahl in the auditorium with a class

The Cultural Rucksack: How to capture sound

Through the Cultural Rucksack the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound provides school children in the 5-7. grades insight into the history of sound recording. The main coordinator for the program is Per Dahl, who has developed a program where students will see, hear and try the old formats for audio recording and playback.

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Dag Trygve Henriksen in the auditorium

Culture trail

In cooperation with Stavanger municipality the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound participates in the Culture trail for future pupils of the Performing Arts program in high schools. The pupils get to visit different culture institutions, which present themselves and their place in the cultural environment of Stavanger.

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