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Main collection


The Dørumsgaard-Valenza collection is the core of the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound Collections, and consists of about 50 000 records, 10 000 reel tapes, 78 CDs and analog playback and recording equipment.

The collection has its main focus on the performer and in addition to records it also contains record catalogues, programmes, music literature and video recordings. The collection is unique in its portrayal of interpretative history, and among the largest private collections of recorded sound in the world.



Rolf Davidson's database of Nordic orchestra repertoire from 1920 to about 2000, is currently at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound.


This is a collection of Christian Krogh. Included in the collection are also records given by Kurt Narvesen, who was married to Christian Krogh's sister, Birgit Krogh-Nielsen. The collection came to the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound in December 2006 after it was given to Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo by Inger B. Krogh in 2002. It consists mainly of symphonic music and chamber music.


The collection from the store Musikvariatet in Oslo was given to the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound in December 2006. Total collection contains approximately 17,000 records and about 500 78-records. The main emphasis is on classical orchestral and chamber music repertoire, as well as opera.


The Sanders collection comes from John Sanders, who ran the record store Elysium in Oslo. The collection consists of about 50-60 000 records


At the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound, parts of the collection of the psychologist and record collector Boris Semeonoff can be found. Semeonoff's main interest was opera, and several of the records are purchased in the Soviet Union.


Tape enthusiast and audio artist Odd-Jan Jonassen donated his private collection, consisting of Tandberg reel tape equipment with supplementary materials, to the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound on the 20th June 2004.


The Valen collection consists of sheet music and copies of many of Valens manuscripts, in addition to a recording of an interview with Valen in 1952. The collection also includes several paintings and pictures of Valen.


The Østby collection is a record collection by Rolf Østbye, consisting of about 350 LPs, and some sheet music and books. It was given to the Institute in March 2007 by Cecilia Elizabeth Jensen and Arne Jensen. The collection consists mainly of opera and choir records, thus bearing the character of the collector's vocational work, but it also includes some instrumental music.

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