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Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound


Alternative Draft Service

The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound is approved to host candidates for alternative draft service.

At the moment, we do not have any draftsmen working for us, and we would be happy to receive applications. Please contact Jacqueline von Arb for further details.

Project assistants

In 2005, the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound received a grant to systematize its holdings. We had 3 student assistants on part time for one year. The project is now ended.

We are in continuous need for several part-time student assistants with background in sound production/engineering, to digitize analogue media (mostly tape, 78 records and DATs).

The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound has project funding once in a while, we are always looking for good candidates interested in the preservation of sound heritage. Contact us to get more information.


Are you looking for a place to complete your internship or practical component of your university studies? Please ask your study coordinator to contact us for approval. We cannot pay any salary, but we will of course help you to find accommodation/student housing.


The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound is a natural choice for librarians wanting to specialize in music librarianship.

Sound engineers

What about being trainee at our digitization company? How about doing a project paper on the development of the facilities?

NAV (ex Aetat, the Norwegian Social Services)

Are you searching for a place to get work experience? The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound has so far hosted two Aetat trainees, and several Invivo trainees and we'd like to welcome more. Contact us to get more information..

We also welcome students from abroad. In the fall of 2004 we hosted three students from Germany completing their internship in conjunction with the Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music and Media at the University of Paderborn and the Academy of Music in Detmold.


Do you have an evening free once a week, perhaps once a month? We are always in need of a volunteers as "hosts" guiding visitors, sorting material, doing some light cataloguing. The "work" is easy, and you can listen to records while working. Contact us for more information.

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