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Patricio Portell, Music Librarian




Patricio Portell has a degree in librarianship from the Royal School of Library and Information Science at the University of Copenhagen and graduated as a musician at "Centre de Musique Ancienne" in Geneva, historical recorders being his primary instrument. He is a specialist in early music (1200-1850) and most focused on French Baroque and the recorder repertoire. Due to his education and personal interests, he has extensive knowledge in art, history, music history, music practice and rhetoric in music. Beyond the "classical" repertoire, he is also interested in jazz, lounge, "oldies" and popular music. He has written a number of academic articles that they are published in Europe, Argentina and the United States. He has also written a bibliography on the recorder repertoire published by the French publishing house Editions Fuzeau. Furthermore, he functions as a consultant on music repertoire to different music ensembles and orchestras, such as "Musica Fiorita" in Basel (CH).

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