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Styret - Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound


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Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound

Members of the Board

Bjarne Kvadsheim (Sp), Chairman

Represents Stavanger Municipality

Eli Aga (H)

Represents Stavanger Municipality

Solveig Nessa (Ap), Vice Chairman

Represents Stavanger Municipality

Mark Drews

Represents the University of Stavanger (Department of Music and Dance)

Hans Eyvind Næss

Represents the Norwegian authorities

Terje Dørumsgaard, son of Arne Dørumsgaard

Represents the Dørumsgaard family

Deputy Board Members

Kate Elin Norland

For Bjarne Kvadsheim

Erlend Jordal

For Eli Aga

Oddvar Bernt Våge

For Solveig Nessa

Jens T. Larsen

For Mark Drews

Carl Gunnar Sandvold

For Terje Dørumsgaard

Permanent participants at the Board meetings

Jacqueline von Arb


Per Dahl

Professional musicologist

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